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Our History & Vision

Choosing a Doctor-Led Path

At EyeSouth Partners, we embarked on a remarkable journey in the realm of ophthalmology, led by a team of passionate and experienced doctors. Our story began on February 15, 2017, with three passionate partners who had a vision of revolutionizing eye care by bringing medical expertise and investment acumen together. 

With doctors at the helm, we knew we could profoundly impact the industry and countless patients’ lives. That’s why it should be no shock that the majority of EyeSouth’s doctors are partners in EyeSouth. Now, EyeSouth Partners has grown to include over 40 high-quality practices nationwide.

Fostering Innovation in the Future of Eye Care

Innovation lies at the core of our philosophy. EyeSouth Partners believes that advancements in technology and medical practices can reshape the future of eye care. 

By nurturing a culture of innovation, we empower ophthalmic practices to embrace cutting-edge technologies, explore groundbreaking treatments, and stay at the forefront of the industry. Our commitment to fostering innovation ensures patients receive the best care while eye care professionals thrive in a dynamic landscape. 

We’re different from other MSOs and the ophthalmology world because we work hard to ensure our affiliates feel like they are a part of EyeSouth Partners. The doctors who choose to partner with us reap the benefits.  

EyeSouth Partners are engaged in their practices and want to enhance and expand their business.

Creating a Trailblazing Approach to Growth

Growth and progress are intertwined with our mission. We are not content with conventional approaches; we trailblaze new paths to drive positive change in the ophthalmology domain. Through strategic investment and visionary leadership, we enable ophthalmic practices to expand their horizons, reach more communities in need, and elevate the standards of eye care worldwide. 

Together, we illuminate the way forward, embracing opportunities that lead to lasting success.

Connecting the Dots: Building Strong Ophthalmology Partnerships

At EyeSouth Partners, we understand that unity and collaboration are the cornerstones of a thriving eye care ecosystem. We build strong partnerships with ophthalmic practices, uniting our expertise with theirs to create a synergy that fosters growth and innovation. 

We forge a robust network that supports and elevates each member by connecting the dots between visionary entrepreneurs, skilled clinicians, and forward-thinking investors. Through our unwavering commitment to a doctor-led path, we continue redefining possibilities in the eye care world. Together, we illuminate the future of ophthalmology and bring clarity to the lives of those we serve.

Our Vision for Quality Eye Care

We began EyeSouth Partners with a clear vision: to be the leading provider of medical and surgical eye care services with an absolute focus on high-quality patient care and service.

In pursuit of this vision, we partner with highly respected ophthalmology practices and ophthalmic surgeons throughout the United States.

Supported by a world-class Board of Directors and robust administrative and operations infrastructure, we enable EyeSouth-affiliated ophthalmologist partners to unlock their practice’s full potential.

Connect with Us

Find Out How EyeSouth Can Help Your Practice

The advantages of an EyeSouth business partnership are perfectly clear. With EyeSouth managing your business operations, you’ll be free to focus on providing first-in-class, quality clinical care.