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of Eye Care Professionals

EyeSouth Affiliation Opportunities
Why Choose EyeSouth?
Post-Affiliation Process

Who We Are

With EyeSouth to manage the business side of the practice, our partner physicians are free to focus on providing first-class clinical care and service to their patients.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, EyeSouth Partners is a premier network of integrated eye care practices located across the country. Our affiliated ophthalmology practices benefit from superior operational expertise, as well as investments in support staff, ongoing education, and state-of-the-art technology. EyeSouth’s affiliate network consists of 41 practices with 305 doctors providing medical and surgical eye care services at 213 locations including 21 surgery centers throughout Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Tennessee, Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Illinois, North Carolina and South Carolina.

EyeSouth Partners By The Numbers

EyeSouth began as a single practice in February 2017 and we have now expanded the network to include 41 high-quality practices

Annual Visits on a run-rate basis
Managed locations
[including 192+ clinical locations & 21+ surgical locations]
Affiliate doctors
[Including 198 MD/DOs and 107 ODs]
[including ~2,500 at our affiliates and 370+ in national support roles]

Why Choose EyeSouth?

EyeSouth’s physician-led model focuses on local partnership opportunities with leading ophthalmologists. We seek business partners who wish to maintain their own brand and clinical autonomy, while benefiting from technology investments, along with exceptional operational and administrative support.

Affiliation with EyeSouth offers opportunities for accelerated local growth.
Single Store Growth:
Doctor Recruitment
doctor recruitment
EyeSouth provides a platform for attracting and recruiting additional doctors to join our network.
EyeSouth has recruited
25 in 2023, 28 in 2022
Doctor Retention
Doctor Retention
EyeSouth aims to maintain and improve Doctor retention through an EyeSouth Affiliation.
Doctor Retention Rate: 96%
Average Doctor Age: 48
EyeSouth facilitates enhancements in revenue cycle management (RCM) and payor contracting/negotiations, leading to improved financial outcomes. Additionally, EyeSouth offers marketing support to affiliates
Bottom Line Profitability:
20% Annual Increase

Hear From Our Affiliates:

Learn more about our Affiliation Process

Over my six years so far with EyeSouth, we have expanded my practice footprint with a beautiful new office, built out a premium refractive suite, and upgraded technologies across clinic and surgery to ensure I can deliver the highest quality of care. My personal practice has seen compound growth of 10% per year, year over year, with their support. EyeSouth has helped me focus on the aspects of my ophthalmology practice that I truly care about, and it’s been a great affiliation.

Evan Schoenberg, Georgia Eye Partners

I have experienced many advantages since my practice partnered with Eyesouth. One unexpected advantage has been the community of excellent physicians in the Eyesouth family. Having a group of trusted colleagues for advice and support has been invaluable.

Kevin Barber, Central Florida Eye Specialists

Affiliating with EyeSouth has been a transformative step for my career as a physician. The network’s collaborative approach and cutting-edge resources have enhanced my practice, enabling me to provide superior patient care while benefiting from a supportive community of skilled professionals. Joining EyeSouth has elevated both my clinical capabilities and my professional satisfaction.

Veeral Sheth, University Retina
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Find Out How EyeSouth Can Help Your Practice

The advantages of an EyeSouth business partnership are perfectly clear. With EyeSouth managing your business operations, you’ll be free to focus on providing first-in-class, quality clinical care.