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Why Choose EyeSouth?

EyeSouth’s Physician-Led Model

EyeSouth’s physician-led model focuses on local partnership opportunities with leading ophthalmologists. We seek business partners who wish to maintain their clinical autonomy, while benefiting from technology investments, along with exceptional operational and administrative support.

With our expertise to guide your practice, you can focus on what is most important, providing the highest quality of clinical care to your patients. We hope this also provides you with more time for family, friends, and personal interests.

If you’re an eye doctor seeking a business partnership opportunity, there are many benefits of partnering with EyeSouth

Greater financial liquidity and security

Our go-forward compensation model enables you to monetize the value of your practice. You’ll increase your earnings potential with the support of sophisticated marketing programs and operations efficiency initiatives while gaining the opportunity for greater clinical advancement, or retirement, with fewer transition-planning concerns.

Fewer administrative burdens and regulatory hassles

With our experienced corporate team managing human resources, finance, payor contracting, and operations functions—as well as the ever-evolving regulatory environment and compliance requirements—you’ll be able to focus more time on seeing patients and the continual advancement of best-in-class clinical care.

Access to a leading clinical community, advanced tools, cutting-edge technology, and new treatment protocols

EyeSouth business partnerships include the opportunity to work with a collaborative group of physicians and receive valuable support from our Chief Medical Officer and Clinical Advisory Board. We encourage the responsible use of new technologies, tools, and treatment protocols to expand and optimize the quality of care and patient experience. You, your clinicians, and your support staff will benefit from EyeSouth’s network of experienced professionals.

EyeSouth Support Services

EyeSouth partnership opportunities include extensive support services, such as:

  • Increased patient access through additional locations and specialist recruitment.
  • Continued investment in best-in-class technology and equipment.
  • Comprehensive operational and strategic support to allow more time for patient care, community engagement, and continuing education.
  • Access to a world-class board of independent directors with extensive healthcare expertise.

Items that Differentiate EyeSouth from Competitors

At EyeSouth, our commitment to excellence sets us apart in a competitive landscape. We believe in providing our affiliates with unparalleled advantages that empower their growth, amplify their expertise, and enable them to thrive within the ophthalmic industry.

Access to Capital: Fueling Growth

EyeSouth stands out as a catalyst for growth through access to capital. This strategic advantage allows our affiliates to expand their operations, invest in cutting-edge technologies, and achieve their growth objectives.

We take immense pride in enabling our affiliates to seize opportunities and unlock their true potential, solidifying our position as a driving force in the industry.

Advancement for Doctors: A Pathway to Excellence

Our affiliation with EyeSouth isn’t just a partnership; it’s a transformative journey for doctors. By affiliating with us, medical professionals gain access to a thriving network of over three hundred doctors.

As a collaborative force, working with EyeSouth Partners enriches doctors’ personal growth and fosters a culture of success.

Clinical Autonomy: Empowering Medical Leadership

At EyeSouth, we firmly believe in physicians’ expertise and judgment. 

We empower our affiliates by ensuring complete control over clinical decisions, ensuring that physicians have the freedom to choose supplies, products, and schedules. 

Additionally, we respect referral patterns and do not dictate where referrals go.

Brand: Strengthening Community Bonds

In an industry where familiarity is extremely important, EyeSouth takes the lead in elevating the integrity of brands. When affiliating with EyeSouth, we understand the importance of preserving the trust and rapport you’ve built within your community.

 In a market brimming with opportunities and challenges, EyeSouth emerges as a beacon of distinction.

When you choose EyeSouth, you choose a partner that not only differentiates itself but also empowers you to stand out and excel.

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Find Out How EyeSouth Can Help Your Practice

The advantages of an EyeSouth business partnership are perfectly clear. With EyeSouth managing your business operations, you’ll be free to focus on providing first-in-class, quality clinical care.