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Partnership Opportunities

Valuable Business Partnership Opportunities

As an EyeSouth affiliate, you’ll gain valuable business partnership opportunities, enabling you to expand the breadth of eye care services and technology provided to your patients. Our collaborative and strategic approach to professional development and process improvement will benefit your experienced team of clinicians and support staff. Partnership opportunities with EyeSouth also allow for greater financial security and compensation for everyone on your staff.

You’ll benefit from the expertise of EyeSouth’s experienced advisory board, even as you maintain complete clinical authority under your own brand name. Our goal is to help you spend less time on administrative functions while freeing up more of your time for clinical work, personal interests, and family life.

If you’re seeking business partners to take your eye practice to the next level, discover how EyeSouth’s experience and resources can accomplish your goals.

These ten core elements constitute the foundation of EyeSouth Partners, enhancing both individual practices and the extended network of EyeSouth affiliates.

Contracting/Payor Negotiations

Contracting and payor negotiations are expertly managed through a dedicated team or EyeSouth individual. They work with the practice to negotiate an equitable outcome.


EyeSouth offers a specialized recruitment team dedicated to staffing its clinics while granting these clinics the autonomy to finalize hiring decisions locally. The emphasis is on enticing staff with competitive market-driven compensation and benefits, prioritizing their retention. EyeSouth’s HR department also offers programs geared towards career progression within the EyeSouth network. With a clear focus on upward mobility, many individuals from affiliated practices have seamlessly advanced and transitioned within the EyeSouth framework, showcasing its robust growth opportunities.

Technology Investment & Cyber Security

With a national and regional focus, our elite IT team swiftly addresses local concerns through established regional teams, while ensuring comprehensive cybersecurity protection. Additionally, we proudly stand as Nextech’s largest and most influential customer in the EMR/PM realm.


Having a dedicated compliance professional who is well-rounded in medicine often alleviates a significant concern for most practices, lifting a substantial weight off their shoulders.

Financial & Tax Assistance 

Our scale provides EyeSouth with the capability to have a dedicated back office team with expertise specific to eyecare. This allows practices to offload a large portion of their tax and accounting burden while also receiving the benefit of enhanced financial reporting and detailed analysis.

Real Estate Investments

EyeSouth can facilitate a transaction if needed through a third party vendor and offer to lease properties from physicians who wish to retain their real estate.

Denovo Expansion

EyeSouth leverages its boots-on-the-ground approach for swift facility expansion, coordinating operations, and recruiting. We collaborate with EyeSouth Partners’ knowledgeable doctors familiar with their geographies.


The EyeSouth Marketing Department plays a pivotal role in enhancing the visibility and growth of our eye care practices. We empower them to thrive in today’s competitive healthcare landscape with a comprehensive suite of services that includes graphic design/promotions, website and digital marketing, media buying and video production, printing/production, and patient messaging and re-engagement.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

EyeSouth boosts Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) for eye care practices by streamlining billing, reducing claim denials, and enhancing collections. Their expertise in eye care-specific billing ensures compliance and maximizes reimbursements. Advanced analytics provide critical financial insights, leading to more efficient operations, increased revenue, and a focus on patient care rather than administrative tasks.

Doctor Recruitment

EyeSouth enhances doctor recruitment for practices by providing access to a broader network of qualified candidates and utilizing their expertise in the eye care industry. This partnership streamlines the recruitment process, reduces administrative burdens, and helps practices attract top talent that aligns with their culture and values.

What Doesn’t Change Post-Affiliation?

At EyeSouth, we understand the importance of preserving the essence of your local practice. Our commitment to maintaining the core elements that define your practice remains unwavering post-affiliation.

Your Brand and Culture

At EyeSouth, we recognize that your practice’s unique culture is integral to your identity. Your distinctive values and character will be respected and elevated, ensuring that patients feel the same sense of familiarity and trust they have come to associate with your practice.

Clinical and Surgical Decision Making

We believe that medical expertise should never be compromised. Post-affiliation, you will retain full control over your clinical and surgical decision-making processes. This ensures that the high standards of care you provide to your patients remain consistent and uncompromised.

Referral Relationships

Your established referral relationships are the result of years of trust-building and collaboration. These connections will remain intact, enhanced by our support to improve communication and cooperation between practices. 

Physician-to-Physician Marketing & CME

The exchange of knowledge and expertise among physicians is a vital aspect of your practice’s growth. Post-affiliation, you will still have the freedom to engage in physician-to-physician marketing and continuing medical education.

Local Marketing Insight and Direction

Nobody knows your local market better than you do. We encourage your active participation in shaping our local marketing strategies, ensuring that they align with the specific needs and preferences of your community.

Patient Engagement

Seamless patient experiences begin with efficient scheduling and patient engagement.

Employee Performance and Training

Your staff plays a crucial role in delivering exceptional patient care. After the partnership with EyeSouth, you will continue to have a say in employee performance and training protocols. This guarantees that the high-quality service your patients are accustomed to will persist.

Day-to-Day Compliance Management

Compliance is a cornerstone of healthcare practice. Your meticulous adherence to regulations and protocols will remain unaffected post-affiliation. 

The partnership with EyeSouth doesn’t seek to alter what makes your practice exceptional. Rather, it aims to amplify and support your existing strengths. By ensuring that these essential elements remain constant, we strive to create a partnership that benefits both your practice and the larger community we serve.

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The advantages of an EyeSouth business partnership are perfectly clear. With EyeSouth managing your business operations, you’ll be free to focus on providing first-in-class, quality clinical care.