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Saif Jaweed, M.D.

Physician Partner & Board Member

Saif Jaweed, M.D.

Saif Jaweed, M.D., knew early on that a career in medicine was inevitable. Born in Toledo, Ohio, Dr. Jaweed grew up like most kids. He played sports, like soccer and ping pong and also loved video games and reading. But, as he says with a smile, he “had no choice but to enter medicine.” After all, both his parents and grandfathers on both sides were physicians as well. And with his two older brothers choosing other career professions, Dr. Jaweed felt a calling to medicine.

After high school at St Johns Jesuit in Toledo, he received a presidential scholarship to attend the University of Toledo for undergraduate studies in Chemistry. He was then admitted a year early to the Medical College of Ohio in Toledo (now The University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences.)

During rotations in Ophthalmology, he learned what a significant impact he could have on patients’ lives by addressing their visual needs.

“I’ve always felt that we must stay on the cusp of technology, maintaining this focus allows us to reduce patient downtime, have a great patient experience and hopefully achieve better visual results.”

“I always loved all the parts of being a Medical Doctor,” recalls Dr. Jaweed. “But in Ophthalmology, I immediately found that when a patient comes in with a vision problem, I can actually do something. I can fix people’s vision which is an incredible feeling.” After completing his Ophthalmology residency, at University of Cincinnati, Dr. Jaweed did his Fellowship in LASIK® at University of Cincinnati and LCA Vision. LASIK and Refractive Surgery added a new modality for improving patients’ lives through sight correction.

Today, Dr. Jaweed is proud to be the Director of MidWest Eye Center where he practices Comprehensive Ophthalmology as well as Refractive Surgery. “Ophthalmology is the combination of several disciplines,” explains Dr. Jaweed. “For instance, we use physics, optics, engineering, biology, neurology, psychology and quite a few other specialties, all integral parts of Ophthalmology. It’s an incredible field where we can do amazing things.”

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