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EyeSouth Partners is a leading ophthalmology practice network dedicated to providing exceptional patient care, advancing medical knowledge, and facilitating groundbreaking research in the field of ophthalmology. At EyeSouth Partners, we are proud to have 38 practices with over 300 skilled doctors who offer medical and surgical eye care services at more than 170 locations across various states. With over 1,000,000 patient interactions each year, we have earned our place as one of the largest ophthalmology networks in the country. Our extensive size allows us to offer abundant resources, enabling us to deliver high-quality performance and achieve exceptional results.

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Our Commitment to Clinical Trials

At EyeSouth Partners, we actively seek partnerships with sponsors and Clinical Research Organizations to conduct innovative and impactful clinical trials. With our extensive network of twenty-five highly experienced Principal Investigators, thirty-six dedicated Sub-Investigators, and thirty-three knowledgeable Clinical Research Coordinators, we have the resources and knowledge required to effectively conduct a wide range of ophthalmic clinical trials.

Advantages of Collaborating with EyeSouth Partners

When it comes to ophthalmic clinical trials, EyeSouth Partners stands out as an excellent choice for Sponsors and Clinical Research Organizations. Our unique combination of expertise, resources, and commitment to excellence provides distinct advantages for successful clinical trial execution, and we deliver solid data and meaningful outcomes.

Extensive Network and Access to Large Patient Populations

Our network spans across more than eleven sites, which are strategically located to reach a diverse demographic for Study Subject populations. This enables us to efficiently recruit patients and ensure a diverse representation of medical indications for our clinical trials.

Seasoned Professionals

With a team of twenty-five principal investigators, all of whom are renowned experts in the field of ophthalmology, we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to each trial. Our sub-investigators and research coordinators work alongside our principal investigators to ensure seamless trial execution.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

EyeSouth Partners is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, advanced diagnostic technologies, and cutting-edge surgical capabilities. These resources enable us to conduct trials across a wide range of eye conditions.

Streamlined Processes

We have established standardized procedures, promote “best practices” and support streamlined processes for clinical trial management, ensuring efficient study start-up, data collection, and reporting. 

Patient-Centric Approach

While we like to focus on scientific advancement, we never lose sight of the patients who contribute to these trials. We prioritize patient rights, patient safety, comfort, and well-being throughout the trial journey, providing compassionate care and clear communication.

Experience & Performance

EyeSouth Partners has a proven track record of successful clinical trial execution. Our experienced team has consistently demonstrated high levels of performance in meeting study milestones, ensuring the integrity of study data, and achieving trial objectives.

By choosing EyeSouth Partners as your clinical trial partner, you can benefit from our expertise and commitment to delivering consistent and reliable results.

Investigator Sites

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What Sets EyeSouth Apart?

EyeSouth Partners offers a unique value proposition that sets us apart as the ideal partner for sponsors and CROs seeking efficient and successful clinical trial execution in the field of ophthalmology. Here are a few factors that sets EyeSouth apart:

Clinical Trial Diversification

Unlike most standalone research sites, EyeSouth Partners, as an affiliated network, delivers clinical trial diversification across a wide range of indications. Our network comprises experienced investigators specializing in both Posterior and Anterior segments, delivering a comprehensive solution for sponsors and CROs.

This one-stop approach streamlines recruiting of Investigator Sites, coordination of contracts and enhances efficiency in managing research projects.

Experienced Investigators

EyeSouth Partners maintains a team of highly experienced investigators throughout our network. These investigators bring extensive expertise and knowledge in ophthalmology, ensuring the highest standards of trial execution.

Partnering with EyeSouth means having access to investigators with a proven track record of experience delivering consistent and reliable results.

Site Resources and Support

EyeSouth Partners is committed to supporting our investigator sites. We provide abundant site resources, comprehensive staff training, mentoring programs, and investments to ensure optimal performance across all our sites.

This dedication guarantees that sponsors and CROs have access to sites operating at a high level, instilling confidence during the site selection process.

How Is EyeSouth's Approach to Clinical Trials Distinct from Other Practices or PE Groups?

EyeSouth Partners differentiates itself from other practices or private equity (PE) groups in the field of ophthalmology through a combination of key factors that showcase our expertise, resources, and commitment to excellence. First and foremost, EyeSouth is deeply committed to providing high-performing investigator sites.

We prioritize performance excellence, ensuring that our sites consistently deliver exceptional measurable results in clinical trial execution. As one of the largest ophthalmology networks in the country, EyeSouth Partners offers an expansive reach and extensive resources.

Our network encompasses numerous geographic regions across the United States and boasts an impressive number of patient lives, doctors, and specialties. This size and scale directly translate into enhanced capabilities, access to diverse patient populations, and comprehensive resources for clinical trials.

Maintaining some of the largest and most experienced affiliated investigator sites in the country further sets EyeSouth apart. Our investigator sites bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and specialized doctors across various ophthalmic specialties.

This depth of talent and experience strengthens our ability to conduct trials effectively, meet recruitment objectives and ensures a high level of performance. EyeSouth Partners takes pride in our diversified clinical trial portfolio.

This broad range of trials allows us to meet the needs of sponsors and CROs seeking research solutions in various ophthalmic indications. Our commitment to excellence, overall clinical trial experience, and deep expertise makes EyeSouth the trusted choice for successful clinical trials in ophthalmology.

If you are a sponsor or CRO seeking a trusted and accomplished partner for your ophthalmic clinical trials, we invite you to collaborate with EyeSouth Partners.

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